Workouts and Food – What to Eat Before and After Exercise



(*Spin junkies, take note! This applies to you, too.)

Before: Going through some heavy digestion while hitting the pavement is not particularly ideal, so try not to have a full meal within a few hours of your jog. But if you’re craving a little fuel, nutritionist Kimberly Snyder recommends avocado toast as an ideal pre-workout snack. “When running, you need to give your body carbs to burn,” she says. “And the avocados provide you with a valuable healthy fat that gives you an energetic boost when carbohydrate depletion occurs.” Then, to put some additional zip in your step, try a caffeine boost. “Black coffee stimulates adrenaline for a more intense or longer running session,” says nutritionist Dana James. “The research on this has been around since the ’70s and it’s still valid today.”

After: Once the sweat sesh is over, it’s about replenishing those nutrients you lost. Larry Twohig, founder of Culture Fitness in New York City, recommends a simple, balanced meal with salmon, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates as the best way to go about this. Another option is a carefully crafted smoothie—James advises to include papaya, coconut milk, and bee pollen. “This clever combination helps to restore glycogen levels whilst improving immunity,” she says.


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