Andrew Garfield Lip Syncing Whitney Houston Is The Balm I Didn’t Know I Needed

Maybe you thought you were having a pretty good day. Work is humming along, you’ve got dinner plans later with friends, and it’s warm enough that you finally don’t have to lug around eight different layers just so you’ll be comfortable. Things are looking up! And yet, if you really think about it, there’s a hole. An Andrew-Garfield-In-A-Wig-Lip-Syncing-To-Whitney-Houston-Shaped hole that you never noticed you had until I just mentioned it.

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That hole can now be filled

Garfield dropped into the London stop of the Queens Werq the World drag show tour, where he was pulled on stage and asked to participate in a “Wig in a Box” competition, where they pulled wigs out of a box and lip synced a song. Garfield got Houston’s “I’m Every Woman,” and he killed it.

Uuuugh look at his back flip! And his snapping! Look how pretty he is in that wig! Are you telling me I’ve lived my whole life on a world in which this didn’t exist, and I’m supposed to pretend I was happy that whole time?

What other cute guys wearing nailpolish and singing 90s diva hits are you keeping from me, world?

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