8 Make-Up Tricks I Learned From Victoria Beckham


The first and very hotly anticipated VBxEsteeLauder make-up collection sold out quickly enough to elevate the brand to cult status.

Indeed even I, a Beauty Director with access to all the make-up ever, coveted it as much as you did. I too had trouble getting hold of it, but I finally got my hands on hero highlighter Modern Mercury, and I have not let it out of my sight since. I’m serious.

The fact that the second collection would feature some new products, as well as the best selling comebacks was almost as exciting as the news that there is more to come in September. Watch this space.

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Much like a concert-going mega fan in the band T-Shirt, I wore the entire collection to meet Victoria Beckham and chat about make-up secrets. She noticed, of course.

Here’s what else I learned from the woman who gave her favourite lipstick a Spice Girls moniker….Cool, right?

Backstage at the Victoria Beckham AW17 show

1. There is such a thing as a perfect nude.

“I love a nude lip. But throughout the year, your skin color changes a little bit, and you might need a slightly different shade. I got the chance with this second VBxEsteeLauder collection to think about creating the perfect nude lip, so I took the first capsule collection and built on that. Nude Spice Lipstick is it.”

2. Makeup is so much more than just makeup.

“It can make women feel amazing, but I also think that makeup can be your armor as well, you know?”

3. Everybody can benefit from vanilla eyeliner.

“I will take the vanilla eye pencil (Eye Kajal in Vanille) and put a little of that on the inside of the eye, which really opens them up. I included that in my AW17 show for the models too.”

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4. The secret to easy no-makeup, makeup.

“If I am having a day where I’m not going out and being photographed, then it really would be about moisturizer, then Morning Aura, a really great powder and bronzer. For the next capsule (out September) I have created the most phenomenal powder, which closes pores and also smoothes out the skin—and again that is something that I have really searched for and couldn’t find.”

5. Makeup is an easy route to fashion forwardness.

“It’s important that there is an element of fashion in my make-up collections that my customer can actually take and interpret in her own way. In my AW17 show it was about enhancing the girls’ natural beauty. It was about really, really beautiful skin, mascara and that vanilla pencil on the inside of the eye. On some of the girls we had a grey eye shadow, from the VBxEsteeLauder London palette, and it really was just applying with your fingers, so it’s a little imperfect. It’s a very youthful make-up look.”

6. If you can only have two make-up products in your kit, they should be these two.

“Morning Aura, I just can’t do without it, I love it because you can just do so much with it. Whether you are using it on your cheekbones, down your nose or on your eyes, sometimes I put it on my collarbone, and I love how it lifts and tightens. The other would be the perfect nude lipstick.”

7. It’s all about the Bring Back.

“The original sold out VBxEsteeLauder collections London and LA, had to be brought back for a second run. Both are looks that people can really associate with me. I’ve also added a new lighter shade of bronzer (Saffron Sun) as well as the new nude lipstick, the Bring Back.”

8. Streamline yourself.

“I think my make-up collection shows that you don’t have to have tons and tons of products to look really good, and it can be really easy to create a whole look.”

Watch Sophie try out the new collection ahead of her meeting with Victoria



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