What Do Veneers Cost – Dr. Michael Apa Creates Veneers for Perfect Teeth


For Hollywood A-listers, models, and the Insta-famous, there’s only one trusted cosmetic dentist for a smile upgrade–Dr. Michael Apa. With offices in New York City and Dubai, Apa divides his time between high profile clients on both continents. He’s responsible for the souped-up smiles on Huda Kattan, Mario Dedivanovic, and Bryan Boy. Rev Run, Rachel Roy, Vera Wang, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen all rely on Apa for gorgeous teeth.

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The key to Apa’s natural aesthetic? Preservation of asymmetry. “It’s about creating harmony between your teeth and face,” he explains, which is why no two Apa veneer “after”s look the same. Here, the smile guru shares his tips for those considering veneers (and what you should never bring to a consultation).

Be conservative

While some cosmetic procedures are easy to reverse, botched veneers are much more complicated to correct. “A botched job is something where it’s literally a foreign object on top of your tooth, rather than a porcelain veneer becoming a part of your new tooth. There’s a big distinction between the two,” Apa explains. “You get one set of adult teeth for the rest of your life. And it has to last you your entire life. With cosmetic procedures for your teeth happening younger and younger, you have to be super conservative.”

Veneers are an investment

Each tooth can cost up to $4,000, Apa’s going rate, and you should plan to replace them every 15-20 years. For those looking to save, lower priced options do exist, but Apa cautions against working with an inexperienced dentist. Remember, you only get one set of adult teeth.

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Good veneers become one with your natural teeth

“The body’s natural way is to destroy anything foreign,” Apa says. The key to a successful procedure is tricking the body into recognizing veneers as natural teeth. When the body rejects veneers, the gums swell, veneers start to pop off, and you’ll notice bad breath caused by trapped bacteria. “The list goes on and on. It just creates a mess in your mouth.”

Teeth should be harmonious, not symmetrical

“No one in life exists in complete symmetry. Everyone has asymmetry. In dentistry, you’re trying to use the asymmetries,” says Apa, who examines patients teeth outside of the office. “When somebody smiles, it’s a different display of teeth. When somebody laughs, it’s a much bigger display of teeth. So when you’re building smiles, one of my early mistakes is I would build them to people smiling, and then I would see them out socially and see them laugh and be like, ‘woah! That’s a lot of teeth.'”

Leave your references at home

Unlike boobs, which supposedly come in just seven varieties (tbd), no two sets of teeth look the same. So while you might admire Kerry Washington’s expansive smile, remember that you are a unique and beautiful snowflake! “Everything is so specialized to your own face, that if you brought a picture of someone else’s teeth and you were like, I like her teeth! They’d never work in your mouth,” Apa says.

You don’t necessarily need a full set…

Apa outfitted beauty expert Huda Kattan, who had slightly crooked front teeth, with just four veneers. “I would’ve done more if she needed more, but she had really white teeth,” Apa says. “I addressed the problem that she came in with.”

But you might

“I did 270 teeth in the last four days when I was in Dubai. I do lots of full sets,” says Apa, who recommends going all the way to correct crowded, stained teeth. Skimping on a full set “is like getting HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime, and not paying for the full package to get Starz. You’re never going to get this result with Invisalign or braces. Why commit to a lifetime of restorative dentistry if you don’t have to? That’s the way I look at it.”


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