What Halle Berry Does to Make 50 Look 30

When the actress is busy on set, she needs something to keep her energized. Berry isn’t a fan of our favorite technique (though we love her choice): “I am not a napper; I wish I could nap. Adding vegetable protein to a shake sustains my energy throughout the day,” Berry told the L.A. Times.

She keeps track of what goes into her body.

Berry is basically the spokeswoman for healthy aging, but she acknowledges the challenges of getting older.

“It’s a lot harder than it used to be,” she told L.A. Times. “As I get older, I am more conscious of what I eat.” (Like making sure her diet is packed with fresh veggies, chicken, fresh fish, and more low-fat goodies!)

She exercises a ton.

With every film role and paparazzi photograph that emerges of Berry, you can’t help but wonder: How on Earth does she manage to stay in such great shape?

“I have never worked out with a lot of weights unless I had to for a film role. Left to my own devices, I just do cardio. I do exercises that involve my own body weight, because I never want to get too muscly,” Berry told L.A. Times. “I am diabetic, so exercising has always been a part of managing my disease and keeping my sugars under control.”

The star’s trainer, Nat Bardonnet, told Healthista that her training regimen “sculpt women into a sexy femme fatale, curvy but toned.” We’d say being a Bond girl solidified her standing there!

She focuses on toning her abs.

As if we needed reminding, Berry has insane abs, so it’s no secret that she focuses on her core three times a week during her 30-minute training sessions with Bardonnet. The trainer explained how the actress can handle any “curveball” workout that Bardonnet throws at her, and she’ll do so with a smile.

“Her abs look amazing,”Bardonnet told People. “The way I push Halle, not many people would be able to last. She always has great energy and a great smile. She always stuns me how beautiful and sexy she looks.”

We’ll have what she’s having.


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