Best Purple Shampoos in 2017

You colored your hair a week ago, but already your Wang blonde is entering into brass territory. What do you do? As a newish blondie, I’m still figuring out how to care for my color, but one thing I’ve learned is that purple shampoo is non-negotiable.

“People tend to over use purple shampoos, which can make blondes flat and one-dimensional,” says New York City colorist Ryan Pearl (the blonde-whisperer behind Hailey Baldwin’s hair), who suggests washing with purple once a week, and following up with a deep conditioner (purple shampoos are drying). Another tip from the blonde guru? “I always tell my clients to get a water softener for their shower, especially in NYC. There can be a big mineral and rust build up in the hair, which can leave blondes looking brassy and flat.” Find Pearl’s top picks, ahead. Your ass is brass without them.

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